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A Little History of Scarborough

Since moving to Scarborough in 1980, Hogan Chev. has been a proud member of the local community. After pondering this tidbit of history recently, I got to thinking about the history of the Scarborough community in general. Lots of questions came to mind. Questions like: Why is it called Scarborough? and, How did the community come […]

Photo of Rare Beef Pho soup

Great Eats in Scarborough: Saravana Bhavan & Bong Lua

Today, we present the fourth post in our “Great Eats in Scarborough” series where we review our favourite places to grab lunch (or dinner!) in Scarborough! And, in case you didn’t catch our three previous posts, here is a little refresher. Our Game Plan: To gather restaurant recommendations from our employees (many of whom are Scarborough natives), visit […]

Current new car showroom at Hogan

Hogan is Getting a Makeover!

Here at Hogan Chev, we are excited to announce that we are getting a big makeover! Starting this Tuesday, August 25th, preliminary renovation work begins on the dealership. Here’s a look at Hogan’s current exterior facade: So, what will be changing? New showroom and gardens New exterior glass throughout most of the facility New exterior […]

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The Best Podcasts About Cars From Across the Web

One of my favourite things to do when I’m driving, whether it is commuting to work, or driving long distances, is listening to Podcasts. Sometimes, there just seems to be nothing good on the radio! Podcasts are essentially internet-based audio recordings and can take many forms, from radio shows, music, story-telling and audiobook reading, to in-depth […]

To Lease or Finance Your Car – That is The Question

To Lease or Finance? It’s a tough call, but Hogan is here to help! Over the last little while, I have been thinking about writing a blog post about the pros and cons of leasing versus financing a car. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to write a useful guide for any readers who aren’t […]

Amazing Race Canada Host

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Amazing Race Canada

Here at Hogan, we are big fans of The Amazing Race Canada! The Amazing Race is one of those shows that ignites our sense of adventure. It’s about discovering new places, rising up to challenges and working together as a team to confront them head on. It’s about trying new things that may challenge and scare you in […]

Photo of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt

What’s New about the Next Generation Chevy Volt?

The new Second Generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt. Goes further, weighs less, more seating, new look. Available Fall 2015. The 2016 Volt is the second generation of Chevrolet’s award winning hybrid electric/gasoline powered vehicle. The first generation came to the markets in the 2011 model year, and now the release of the second generation is near! Let’s see […]