Hogan: a Brief History in Photos

As you may or may not know, Hogan Chev was established in 1928, and this year we are celebrating 88 years as a General Motors dealer. And what an 88 years it has been!

Over the past couple of years, we have been sent some really cool vintage photographs of the dealership. We thought it would be fun to share a couple of these with you, our customers, neighbours, and employees!

First, a little context:

The dealership, known today as Hogan, was originally founded in 1926 as a second showroom for one of Toronto’s first General Motors dealerships, W. S. Giles Limited. Giles, who was selling Chevrolets and Buicks, wanted to capitalize on selling GM’s newest brand, Pontiac. The new showroom was located at 348 Danforth Ave (at Jackman Ave), in the location of today’s Danforth community mainstay, “Carrot Common.” It was subsequently purchased in October of 1928 by one of Giles’ sales managers, Mr. George Hogan, our namesake. Thus, Hogan Pontiac Limited was born!

(Info from Barbara Myrvold, A Historical Walking Tour of the Danforth p. 21. PDF link can be found here.)

So without any further ado, here they are!

Photo of Hogan's Service Department from 1955

The photograph above was taken, we estimate, in 1955. As you can see, at that time we were still known as Hogan Pontiac Ltd. Hogan was one of the first and biggest Pontiac dealers in Toronto until the brand’s unfortunate demise back in 2009. This fantastic photo was taken outside Hogan’s Service Department facility (on Broadview near Mortimer), which had a separate location from the Sales Department. I love the look of this classy lady sitting on the hood of this ’55 Pontiac – doesn’t it just take you back to the rockin’ 50s, the pinnacle of car culture in North America?

(Source of photograph: sent by customer, obtained from City of Toronto Archives, Series 1465, s0975_fl2225_id32707-1)
Photograph of Hogan from 1968

This photograph comes from 1968, according to Hogan’s President, who can tell the year just by looking at the cars on the lot. He is a serious car enthusiast! We think this is a great photo, as it shows the facade of the dealership when it was lit up by night. You can really tell by looking at it that the 60’s was the golden age of the muscle car. By this time, we were called Hogan Pontiac Buick and were still located in Toronto on the Danforth.

(Source of photograph unknown)

Photograph of Hogan from 1972

This photograph comes to us from 1972, just 4 years after the previous photo. As you can see, not much had changed (well, other than the cars on the lot)! Hogan moved from its original Danforth location, pictured here, to our current location at 5000 Sheppard Ave. E. in Scarborough in 1980. Clearly, we needed a little bit more space! The move gave Hogan 6 acres vs. barely 1.5 ares at our original location.

(Source of photograph unknown)

Photograph of Hogan's old nameplate sticker

Unfortunately, we aren’t completely sure of the year this photograph was taken, but we do know for certain that it was pre-1980, as Hogan was still located on the Danforth. Back in the day, if you purchased a car at Hogan, this was the nameplate sticker that would be stuck to the back of your car.

(Source of photograph unknown)

Photo of a GM car with Hogan nameplate on rear

If you very look closely at the back of this 1960 Pontiac, you might actually be able to see the Hogan nameplate sticker! (Hint: it is the little rectangle underneath the two left tail lights). This photograph was sent to us by one of our customers, who told us that it was taken somewhere in Europe. According to Wikipedia, it might be Finland (judging by the white “SF” sticker on the car)! Very cool!

(Source of photograph not recorded)


That is all for now! We hope you enjoyed the photos just as much as we do. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next post!

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