Getting Used to the “5th Wheel”

Danny Malcangi and his family have a love for nature, exploring, and camping, so finding a truck that could pull their “5th Wheel” was a must. After months of research and test drives, Danny decided that he wanted to go for a GM truck. Danny is a Scarborough native and, naturally, decided to come into Hogan to find the right vehicle to serve his purpose. After pulling some strings, Sales Consultant, Leena Chacko, was able to find Danny the perfect GMC Sierra truck to suit his requests. He picked the truck up a couple weeks ago and went forth with his summer plans.

Danny and his wife are newly retired and their retirement plan is to travel cross country in style and comfort. The other day Danny sent in this photo with a report that the learning curve is gradual when it comes to backing up, but they have successfully made trips to and from Stratford, and are planning an even longer trip to Tobermory early next month.


We are thrilled to hear about these updates from a satisfied customer and look forward to hearing more about the Malcangi Family travels!

If you have a story of your own about your adventures in your new or used Hogan vehicle, we would very much like to hear all about it!

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