Monthly Archives: November 2013

Next TWO TUESDAYS “Orr: My Story” Giveaway!

Are you a Bobby Orr fan? We’ve got a couple SIGNED copies of his new book “Orr: My Story” up for grabs. We gave one out this past Tuesday, make sure to enter our lunch hour contests for the next TWO TUESDAYS to win one of these signed beauties! Orr: “My Story’ is defenceman’s mix of […]

Offset the Hunger Statistic, Join Hogan’s Helpers this Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is upon us! It’s the time to stock the fridge, buy lots of presents, and decorate the house to sparkle with winter cheer. But wait! Put aside all the glitz and glamour, hunger is still one of the main issues facing people in our community and every year the numbers grow. At […]

Trivia Contests – Win Hockey Canada & Natalie Spooner Prizes

Want to WIN COOL PRIZES?! For the next month Hogan will be posting a bunch of different contests online so you can do just that! Check our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at NOON to see what you have to do to WIN! Everybody who enters our contests will also […]